Monday, April 22, 2013

Rick's Top 10 Hottest Asian Women on the Internet

Rick's Top 10 Hottest Asian Women on the Internet

The Internet loves top ten lists and I love asian women. So it seemed only natural that I would make a list chronicling the most beautiful asian women to have ever been downloaded. No special criteria, other that they must be asian and on the Internet. I am avoiding professional actresses and just want to give you a good sampling of the women out there. Also, keep in my these are just my opinions. You are free to have your own, but this is my list so I make the calls. If you have any comments or a different point of view, feel free to leave them in the comment section.

And now, without further rambling...

10. Minka

Name: Minka
Age: 42
Nationality: Korean
Profession: Pornographic actress, model
Bra size: 55KKK

Wow, right? Our list beings with the Korean knock-out Minka! Believe it or not she actually wanted to be a professional tennis player and has won the 1993 Asian Olympics! However, despite being really good, her poor English provided too much of a barrier for her in the United States. Then, at the urging of a teammate, she began to pose nude. Eventually making her way into porn. Minka is also the recipient of Polypropylene (string) breast implants, which basically means that they keep getting bigger year after year. And for some un-Godly reason they are outlawed in the United States, meaning that only a few special women can achieve her bust line. Nevertheless her sheer size gets her on the list. I do admit that she is pretty low, if only for the fact that she is getting on in years. True age should't be a problem, but that combined with her smoking and poor English, she now reminds me of an aging asian mother that I have to meet before my date with her daughter... ewww... Surprisingly I can't find any pictures of her before the implants, I guess her original breasts will forever remain a mystery. Nevertheless, she is very sexy and knows how to press your buttons.

9. Tran

Name: Tran ???
Age: ???
Nationality: ??? 
Profession: ???
Bra size: ???
Website: ???

I know absolutely nothing about this girl. I found a zip file of her photos online that touted her as the "American Fuko". It was over 300 photos of this asian beauty with the nice rack. Despite my best efforts, I can't find out who she is, her age, where she lives or anything. So much for the internet. Despite this, she is really sexy and looks very sweet. She is around her somewhere, perhaps I will find her one day. But if anyone has any idea who she really is, please feel free to let me know.

8. Rio Natsume

Name: Rio Natsume
Age: 28
Nationality: Japanese
Profession: Gravure idol
Bra size: J cup (metric)

I have known about Rio Natsume for years, but like Tran before her, I know little. She is a Gravure idol in Japan and mainly focuses on swimsuits. While most of her peers have made their way into porn, she has somehow stayed away while still remaining popular in recent years. However, despite most fan requests she also has declined to go nude. Such a shame. She is consistently ranked in the top ten of sexy Japanese idols and there is a good reason.

7. Jane Lui

Name: Jane Lui
Age: ???
Nationality: Chinese
Profession: Singer, songwriter
Bra size: ???

Yet another mystery woman! Well, not so much as the last two. Jane first came to my attention after I saw this video: Did you watch it? Wasn't that cool? Isn't she cool?! She is pretty much everything I want in a woman, creative, funny, talented, asian, sexy, and a bit of a dork. Those are all good things of course. I have only recently discovered that she is a real musician and singer with albums and awards to boot! While she may not have huge knockers like the other women on this list, she is the mature career woman that most of us men say we don't want, but all secretly do.

6. Mika Tan

Name: Mika Tan
Age: 35
Nationality: Japanese, Taiwanese, Samoan
Profession: Pornographic actress
Bra size: 36D

This girl always make me crack a smile when I see her. So get this, not only is she a porn star, but she has a Masters from San Diego State and has/currently owns her own business! She is sexy and smart, and she knows how to use both. This girl is so much fun because everything she is in shows so much enthusiasm, you can tell she loves her work. I also find it funny that now she travels between LA and Nevada in an RV. She has her own mobile command center/dungeon that takes her from the sets in LA to the Bunny Ranch in Nevada. If only I had the money to spend on her... She has done some really weird things lately for Taylor Made Clips, which range from the erotic to just down right weird. Despite this, she is really something.

5. Lily Thai

Name: Lily Thai
Age: 31
Nationality: Philippine
Profession: Pornographic actress
Bra size: 34C

Ah, Lily Thai... A few years ago she was my favorite porn star. Her enthusiasm and girl-like innocents rivaled Mika Tan's. In her videos she would always know the right thing to do to turn on the guy and the right thing to say to turn on the audience. She really did have this young girl quality to her voice and her work. Plus she was a squirter... nuff said. Sometime after 2009 she retired and is now trying to make a comeback (at a price to her fans of course). While I haven't seen her new stuff yet, I am intrigued. I am only worried about the fact that since she retired she has now gone blond, with tons of tattoos, and more piercings that before. I don't she has gone all goth on us, but she no longer embodies the girlish charms she had before. However, I am willing to give her another show and look forward to her new work.

4. Anna Akana

Name: Anna Akana
Age: ???
Nationality: Japanese
Profession: Comedian, actress, writer
Bra size: ???

Brace yourself, someone who is NOT a porn star! I found out about this girl only in the last month. She is basically your typical struggling actress, but the twist is that she has her own web series. She may or may not be a character in ABC's new series, The Fosters, but if I was working in Hollywood, I would hire her in a heartbeat. Her web series is really cute and funny. She knows how to tease the male audience with her sexuality, but also provides good points in her editorials. So yeah she may not be getting naked (yet), but she is quite entertaining when you want a laugh.

3. Evelyn Lin

Name: Evelyn Lin
Age: 25
Nationality: Chinese 
Profession: Pornographic actress
Bra size: 34B

Oh boy this girl! She is relatively new to the porn industry, but in my opinion, she has made quite a splash. I really don't know what to say about her. She is young, cute, and approaches her videos like she is a virgin in each one of them. She is always playing the babysitter or the little school girl, and rightfully so. She just has this innocents about her that makes you think she is not a porn star, but then again, doesn't. If you saw her on the street, you would think of her as a little angel. Then you see her naked and "working it" and you see the sexy beast she can become. But she can switch so easily between both extremes it is scary sometimes. Also she is from Cleveland and thats... unexpected.

2. Fuko

Name: Fuko
Age: 25
Nationality: Japanese
Profession: Pornographic actress, Gravure idol
Bra size: P cup (metric) (47in bust)

My first love! I have just about everything from this girl, books, DVD, posters, she is a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10. She first got work at a young age in Soap lands (Japanese bath houses) in Japan. At the age of 17 she posed nude for Tokyo Topless, then moved to becoming a Gravure idol within the following years. I don't remember the year, but it was a big deal when she finally went nude and an even bigger deal when she did porn. However, her porn career was met with mixed results. While it was fun watching her, she lacked any real joy in her performance. And that smile in her picture? Almost absent from her porn work. Today she is retired, at the age of 25, and has been out of the public spotlight. She still maintains a blog, but since I can't read Japanese I don't know what she has been up to. Now the truth is that she should be number one. However, since she is retired, I decided to bump her to number two in favor of the woman who has taken her place.

1. Hitomi Tanaka

Name: Hitomi Tanaka
Age: 26
Nationality: Japanese
Profession: Pornographic actress, Gravure idol
Bra size: 34J

I think her picture really just sums up everything you need to know about her. She is not as big as Fuko, but her smaller frame makes her look bigger than Fuko. Like many girls before her, she started work as a gravure idol, moved to nude shots, and eventually porn. She has had a ton of videos since moving to porn. Everything from her with other big breasted women to live-action tentacle hentai, and a Super Sentai porn spoof! She is very active, making a new DVD every few months and appearing in many one shot videos. She is just stunning from her China doll eyes to her slim figure and massive melons. Out of all the women on this list, she is the one I would most want to spend the night with.

Well that's my list I hope you enjoyed!